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Peridot Engagement Rings Make Love Vibrant

Because of its deep connection to love, peridot has traditionally been gifted in celebration of an anniversary, especially the 16th anniversary of a marriage. However, modern couples have given a new spin to this age-old custom, using the treasured green gemstone in engagement rings. Commonly, peridot is given to express deep affection and loyalty, but did you know that the ancients' believed it could encourage growth in new relationships? This is why peridot engagement rings are a meaningful choice for engagement.

For those who are interested in gemstone engagement rings, peridot is an excellent choice. Because of its abundance in nature, it is quite affordable compared to other gemstones. And if either the bride or groom-to-be has an August birthday, having a peridot engagement ring will be all the more momentous, as peridot is the official August birthstone.

The most popular pick is a peridot white gold ring, though some may prefer the traditional yellow tone of a peridot gold ring. You can find all varieties of cuts and designs, including emerald-cut, cushion-cut, and oval, and also three-stone, solitaire, and halo. Many, especially the white gold peridot rings, are accented with diamonds to enhance the vibrancy of the yellow-green hue.

If you are looking for a wedding band to match, peridot eternity bands are a beautiful option. You could also go with something more classic, like a polished gold ring or a diamond eternity band. Explore Ross-Simons' collection and find the perfect peridot engagement ring or wedding band for you!

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