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Men's Engagement Rings

The trend of men wearing engagement rings continues to increase in popularity, as more men desire to show their commitment prior to marriage. Most often, these rings are purchased by the woman and given to the man shortly after he proposes. They are also purchased by same-sex couples who wish to show their intent to marry. Men's engagement rings first became common in South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina, where strong Catholic beliefs encourage a stronger bond before marriage. These rings have also seen newfound popularity in the British Isles where, during Leap Years, women are encouraged to propose to men who prefer to drag their feet.

Traditional Men's Engagement Rings

Men's Engagement Ring Guide

The tradition of men's engagement rings harkens back to the customs of wearing promise rings to show one's commitment to another. Dating back to the 16th century, promise rings held a couple together until they were able to be wed. For example, tradional Irish claddagh rings have served as men's engagement rings, if worn with the point of the heart towards the fingertips. In modern times, promise rings have been offered up by women to their men, asking for a commitment to wed once their situation allows for it.

Once married, most men will move the ring to their right hand and wear their new wedding band on their left. Even though these rings do not replace a traditional wedding band, they share many traits in common.

Common Traits of Men's Engagement Rings

Men's engagement rings often lack the size and sparkle of a women's engagement ring. Designed to look more like a traditional wedding band, these rings make use of small flourishes to let the man's personality shine through.

Men's engagement rings usually:

  • Make use of traditional metals, such as white gold or platinum.
  • Inlay a few small diamonds or other gemstones along the band.
  • Feature engravings or embellishments in the metal. such as text or patterns.
  • Cost less than $500.

With these traits in mind, you should have enough information to decide whether or not a ring is right for your man.

Choosing the Right Ring for Your Man

With some many design options to choose from, making your choice could be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect ring to showcase both his dedication to you and his unique personality.

First things first — would he even be interested in wearing such a ring? Feel him out as you shop together for your ring. Bring the idea of a men's engagement ring up casually and judge his response. If your man flat out says no or typically shuns jewelry, a men's engagement ring is probably not for him. He'll probably wear a wedding band once you're married, but it'll be a challenge to get him to wear a ring now. If this is the case, try to find another way to have him show his commitment to you.

If your guy seems willing to wear a ring, think about the following when choosing the right ring for him:

  • His interests — If he's into cars, think about a tire tread pattern. If he has a favorite quote, engrave it on the inside of the band.
  • A flash of color? — You don't have to use diamonds. A ruby or emerald will make the ring shine subtly.
  • Heavy metal — If your man is more rugged, think about tungsten or titanium for your metal choice.
  • Style and substance — Remember that this isn't his wedding band, so it doesn't have to look like one. Feel free to give it a little more life.

With all of this in mind, taking the next step should be easy. Ross-Simons has a wide variety of men's rings to choose, many perfect to use as an engagement ring. Broswe our selection and show the rest of the world your commitment to each other.