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Common Jewelry Buying Mistakes Made By Men

Buying jewelry for that special woman in your life can be intimidating. Still, the prospect of buying jewelry shouldn't have you waking at night in a cold sweat; it should be a fun, rewarding experience that ultimately leaves you proud of the gift you're giving and that special lady dazzled by what she receives. Steering clear of these common jewelry buying mishaps will ensure that that's exactly the result you achieve.

Not Doing The Legwork

Buy From a Reputable Fine Jewelry Store

Making a jewelry purchase is one of the larger financial and emotional investments a man can make. But still, most men head into the jewelry buying process with very little practical experience or knowledge of what they're looking for. In the Internet age, even the most raw jewelry store greenhorn should be able to pick up a few crucial and useful pieces of knowledge before beginning their search.

Do some research; familiarize yourself with what the different carat weights are, learn about the 4 Cs of diamonds, and read up on the different metal types that are common for fine jewelry. Get a basic idea of what to look for and how to judge the quality of a piece. Taking the time to educate yourself will make the buying process that much easier.

Picking A Bad Retailer

Finding a reputable jewelry retailer, like Ross-Simons, is a must. All too often, prospective jewelry buyers are duped into paying for one thing and receiving quite another. To make matters worse, less trustworthy dealers often offer no recourse to customers that are disappointed with their purchase.

Common Jewelry Buying Mistakes Made By Men

On the other hand, bigger, more established retailers will not only have a wider selection of pieces, they'll also have a well-spelled out return and exchange policy. They'll also be more likely to stand behind the jewelry they sell. Ross-Simons' return and exchange policy is based on guaranteeing your satisfaction. It ensures you can make your jewelry purchase confidently, with the knowledge that what you're paying for is what you're getting. If the piece you select doesn't ultimately measure up to your (or her) standards, someone will be there ready to address your concerns.

Not Knowing Your Recipient's Tastes

Being an effective and successful purchaser of jewelry requires a good helping of perceptiveness. It's important to know what your girlfriend, wife or mother likes. No two women are the same, and each has a distinctive style or taste as unique as their personality.

Would she like something flashy or does she prefer a more subdued style? Does she wear earrings, bracelets or necklaces? Does she have a favorite gemstone? Does she only wear one color of gold? These questions and more are all worth asking. Having a firm grasp of that special lady's tastes, even if it requires a bit of covert research, will make the purchasing experience that much easier and ultimately more successful.

Focusing too Heavily On Price

This mistake can go both ways. Picking a bargain-priced but low-quality piece isn't really a value and won't necessarily elicit the response you want. On the flip side, selecting a piece solely because it carries a hefty price tag can be just as dangerous.

Don't Focus Too Much on Price

In the end, the recipient's tastes and the physical quality of the piece should ultimately be your guide. It's perfectly alright to have a budget, the vast majority of us do. But don't succumb to price-tag tunnel vision and forget to examine the quality of the piece that the price tag is on. Even if you're buying on a shoestring budget, Ross-Simons has a wide range of value selections that are affordable and extremely high quality.

Keep these common buying mishaps in mind when shopping for jewelry and always remember to make an informed decision when making the financial and emotional investment that purchasing fine jewelry is.