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Gemstone Engagement Rings Are A Colorful Choice

From the red carpet to the Royal Family, gemstone engagement rings are making a huge impact. The jewel tone color spectrum reflects a rainbow of dazzling hues.

Brilliant Blue: Is there anything more beautiful than a midnight blue sapphire surrounded by glittering diamonds? After the diamond, the blue gemstone is one of the most popular of all colored engagement stones. The sapphire engagement ring soared to new heights when Princess Kate was given Princess Diana's 18 carat sapphire ring.

Jewelry Precious Stones Rings #552472

The Color Purple: The vivid violet amethyst is a rising star in the jewelry world. And while a 4 carat amethyst ring may look like it cost an absolute fortune, the reality is that this breathtaking piece can be found at an affordable price!

Amethyst and Diamond Ring #472881

Amazing Aquamarine: A cross between a bright green and shimmering pale blue, the aquamarine stone casts a magnificent shine. What's most appealing: it looks different from every angle. Both white and yellow gold complement the stone perfectly.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring #467183

In the Pink: With its pale blush coloring, morganite is one of the rarest and certainly one of the prettiest stones of all. Ranging in shades from peach to pink, morganite engagement rings have an almost ethereal feel, delicate and decidedly feminine.

Pink Morganite and Diamond Ring #693226

Seeing Red: A ruby engagement ring makes a dramatic fashion statement. This intensely colored stone sparkles and shines with rich overtones. Fashion-forward styles run the gamut from an oval solitaire with diamonds on each side to a cushion-cut ruby framed with diamonds to squares of rubies bordered with glittering round diamonds.

Ruby and Diamond Ring #782330

Green with Envy: The appeal of emeralds is at an all-time high. The striking green gemstone, associated with the lush imagery of nature, looks particularly alluring when worn as an engagement ring.

Emerald and Diamond Ring #663704

Black Magic: Bewitching black diamonds set the tone for sophisticated elegance — at price points that are really incredible.

Black and White Diamond Ring #777885