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Engagement Ring Choices Made Easy

One of the most popular months to propose is December. There are probably many of you out there right now searching for the perfect ring to pop the question with. However, you may be wondering how do I choose the perfect ring?

When choosing a ring, you can purchase a preset engagement ring or you may be able to design your own ring depending on your jeweler. Other than keeping your future fiancee's style in mind, make sure you concentrate on the shape of the gem and the 4 C's: cut, clarity, color and carat.

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Some of the most popular diamond shapes are round, oval, pear and princess, but always keep in mind that there are other shape options. Your jeweler will be able to provide you with details on various diamond shapes.


When choosing the perfect cut for your ring it is important that it is not cut too shallow or too deep. The cut of the ring affects the reflective qualities of the diamond and it is what helps the light shine through.


When looking at the diamond, make sure that you also look at its color. Diamonds actually come in many different colors and variations and the clearer the diamond, the more valuable it will be.


All diamonds have natural "inclusions." The grade of the diamond is based on the number of inclusions found in the diamond and the range from flawless to visible inclusions.


The carat of the diamond refers to the diamond's size. The larger the carat of the diamond, the more rare the diamond is.

If you would like any more information on finding the ideal ring for proposing to your very special someone, be sure to look at our guide on How to Buy a Diamond.