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How To Figure Out What She Wants

If you're a baseball player, you don't head to the plate without a scouting report. If you're a musician, you don't walk out onto stage without knowing your set. You wouldn't buy a computer without doing some background research. So why would you buy an engagement ring without understanding what she wants? Ross-Simons can guide you through the buying process with a few tips and tricks for discovering your lovely lady's perfect diamond ring.

Buying the Engagement Ring She Wants

Beyond setting a budget and creating an action plan for popping the question, a full understanding of her personality, style, and general jewelry preferences makes the entire process move faster. There are a few subtle cues to employ when embarking on this hidden quest for knowledge. They involve a combination of physical research and crafty interview tactics.

Look In Her Jewelry Box

Finding Her Ring Size

The first place to start looking would be the most obvious one: her jewelry box. Scour her collection of rings, necklaces and earrings. The chances are very good that you'll find a consistent design, color scheme, and diamond cut and size that fit perfectly with everything good about her. Does she have a lot of square shaped diamonds? Round ones? Pear or rectangles? Are the pieces bold and chunky? Small and delicate? Are they mostly silver or gold?

Finger Size Matters

Think of an engagement ring as an article of clothing. You wouldn't buy her a shirt or pants that are two sizes too big or too small; the same goes for diamond cuts and sizes. Ross-Simons has a comprehensive guide to how to match a diamond shape and ring setting to finger and hand size. She probably understands this dynamic already, so refer back to her jewelry box if you need further validation.

Conduct A Subtle Survey

The second you ask a direct question about an engagement ring, diamond, or anything related to gold or silver, she's probably going to sniff you out. However, there are a few subtle ways to extract the information necessary to help you narrow down your ring options. If she's dressing up for a night out, offer some suggestions for jewelry and gauge her reaction. Any friends get engaged lately? What did she think of their ring?


How to Figure Out Her Engagement Ring Size

The cornerstone of any relationship is communication, blatant or subtle. This is probably your first time shopping for an engagement ring, but likely not the first time you've heard her discuss something of that nature. Listening can go a long way towards picking out the best possible engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancee.

Once you have her style and preferences decoded, you can start the actual shopping process. Thankfully, Ross-Simons has a plethora of diamond shapes and sizes, band colors and features, even wedding sets with matching engagement ring and both of your wedding bands, at your finger tips. There's a good reason you're currently reading this, and it's our primary goal to provide you with a wide, easy-to-browse selection of diamond engagement rings at affordable prices.

This is going to be the only time you ask her the big question. Make the most of it!