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3-Stone or Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings?

Choosing between a 3-Stone or a Classic solitaire for an engagement ring may be uncharted territory for most. Even though there's a great amount of excitement heading into ring shopping, there might also be a small amount of terror. It's possible that you have no idea where to begin. That's why it's extremely necessary to do enough research to guarantee that the ring you choose will be the perfect symbol, in looks and longevity, of the love you share with your future spouse.

3-Stone or Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

For starters, you should probably do a little research on the engagement ring buying process. You'll want to find out where a good place to start concerning your budget will be, how you'll know what size ring to buy so you're at least in the ballpark, and you'll also want some tips on how to get information on the types of rings that are out there. One quick tip — If you're looking to surprise your future wife with a ring that she's been dreaming about since childhood and you haven't discussed it with her, ask her friends to get as much info possible. Chances are different types of engagement rings have come up in conversation.

If, for some reason, her friends are of no help or you're too excited to wait for them to get the goods—one of the most important factors when buying an engagement ring, next to the type of metal to select for the setting, is deciding on 3-stone or solitaire. If that terminology is a foreign language, let us break both of those down to their simplest understanding so you can make a well informed and thought out decision.

3-Stone Engagement Rings

3-Stone engagement rings have been increasing in popularity. Some believe that they are more sought after because they allow for variety and personality. They're definitely glamorous! With a three stone setting you are allowed to vary the sizes of the side and center stones as well as the type of stones that are in the ring. You could go with three diamonds or use a variation of your future spouse's favorite gemstone or even her birthstone.

Another reason 3-Stone Engagement Rings have been desirable is because of what they symbolize. Often referred to as trinity or trilogy rings, they have come to represent:

  • The past, present, and future of your relationship
  • Friendship, love, and fidelity

3-Stone Engagement rings, because you can vary the stones, can be a little lower in price. If you choose a gemstone for the center and diamonds for the side, the ring you buy will look just as lovely as other rings and may also be a better fit for your budget. Also, if you select three diamonds to add up to 2 carats of total weight, the cost can be much less than one 2 carat diamond solitaire. If you want the ring you buy to have variety, personality, and symbolism, consider a 3-Stone Engagement ring.

Classic 3-Stone Engagement Rings for the Bride

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

Nothing says style and grace like a classic solitaire engagement ring. Never trendy, the single stone ring is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. If you believe, as the old saying goes, diamonds are a girl's best friend, then the diamond should be the center of attention — which is certainly the case in a diamond solitaire ring.

Other great reasons, besides their classic appearance, many women love solitaire engagement rings are:

  • Practicality
  • Ability to dress up
  • Unmistakable as engagement rings

Many women that choose solitaire engagement rings have their wedding band in mind when they're shopping. That's something important to think about when deciding due to the fact that it is often difficult to find easy matches for many rings and in many cases, wedding bands need to be custom made. Solitaire rings however, are often easier to find matching or coordinating bands for.

Another bonus concerning wedding bands for solitaire engagement rings is the ability to dress them up as much or little as desired. Options are virtually endless. If it's more sparkle you're after, a straight or curved wedding band can contain a number of diamonds to make both rings really shine. Or if you want to add some personality with a splash of color, gemstones in the wedding band will create your desired effect.

3-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

And lastly, one thing that really stands out as a reason why solitaire engagement rings are chosen is the fact that there is absolutely no mistaking what they stand for. A single stone on the left ring finger is a global symbol for being betrothed. Whereas some rings may simply look like family heirlooms or fashion pieces, there should be no second guessing with a solitaire engagement ring.