Celebrity Style

Celebrity Jewelry: Look Like A Star

Part of the celebrity lifestyle is to always look fabulous. Whether they are on the red carpet, making appearances on stage or on screen, or just walking down the street, celebrities always have to be ready for a snapshot. And because of this pressure (and the nonstop cash flow), they've become quite savvy at it, especially with their accessorizing. But even if you're on a budget and don't have access to a personal stylist, you can still look like a celebrity with a few tricks. Follow these celebrity jewelry tips to get started:

Dress to Impress. Be intentional when you get ready in the morning. Celebrities are always prepared to run into the paparazzi or meet important people — and you should, too. Before you leave the house without accessorizing (or over accessorizing), stop and think, "Would my look make a good impression?"

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Wear statement pieces. Celebrities want to make sure that their accessorizing efforts are seen by all. Statement jewelry is the key to their success! So think big: a chunky link necklace, a wide bangle, oversized hoop earrings, or a glitzy cocktail ring. But don't go overboard. Keep to one or two big pieces and space them out! For example, if you are wearing large earrings, skip the necklace and wear a standout bracelet.

Find inspiration in celebrity style. Rather than focusing your energy on envy, look for ideas in celebrity fashion. If you like the way they wear a particular necklace, take notes and give it try. And you can find celebrity inspired jewelry almost anywhere, since retail stores follow celebrity jewelry designers closely. Diana-style jewelry is one of the most popular celebrity replicas of all time.

Pay attention to trends: Celebrity jewelry trends often stem from runway. So if you want to look like a celebrity, stay a step ahead! Read runway trend reports, attend fashion shows, and participate in fashion week events. Or if you don't want to put in that much effort, simply follow a fashion blog or subscribe to a style magazine. You can create a trend board with magazine clip-outs or by pinning images to Pinterest boards.

Be ever-changing: You don't necessarily have to follow trends to look like a celebrity, but you should keep your style moving and changing. It's tempting to wear your favorite necklace/earring set everyday and for years, but you won't really stand out that way. Mix things up, try new things, and sell your jewelry when you're done with it, so you can invest in new pieces.

Find your signature look. When you think Audrey Hepburn, you may see pearls. And over-the-top jewels come to mind when you think of Elizabeth Taylor. The trick to really looking like a celebrity is to define your own signature style. Figure out what kind of jewelry expresses who you are and how you want to be remembered. Maybe it's your never-ending collection of stud earrings. Or perhaps you always wear a ring on your index finger.

How to Look Like a Celebrity on a Budget

Not all of us have an unending supply of money to fund our celebrity fashion endeavors. But that's okay. Get the same high end looks for less with celebrity fashion jewelry made from crystals, faux stones, and alternative metals. Celebrity costume jewelry is especially great if you are determined to follow trends. It's affordable enough to keep up with your changing style and doesn't have to last a long time.

Another way to satisfy your fashion cravings without spending too much is with versatile jewelry. Some jewelry is designed to be worn several different ways. An endless pearl necklace can be tied, wrapped in layers or even worn as a bracelet. And some tassel necklaces can even double as a belt! You can get creative and start looking like a celebrity in no time.