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First Ladies Show Off Their Style

When you hear "fashionista," who comes to mind? Popular movie-stars, singers and models, right? Well, United States First Ladies should be on this distinguished list!

First Lady Michelle Obama and the President

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First Lady Michelle Obama has received great attention for her choice of colorful, contemporary and uber-fashionable dresses, skirts and cardigans — not to mention her toned physique. More so than the First Ladies before her, she is trend-conscious. Obama knows how to perfectly embellish her attire, whether it be simply-stated chandelier earrings with a statement-making dress or a more eclectic torsade necklace paired with a pretty sheath.

Nancy Reagan, for instance, made the color red popular. She was very aware of what was camera-friendly and played on that. She was often seen wearing eye-catching, yet elegant, strands, link necklaces and drop earrings.

Barbara Bush, on the other hand, is known for her classic strand of pearls and simply-stated dresses.

Hillary Clinton accessorized with multi-strand, beaded or collar necklaces.

Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama can all justly be labeled fashion icons of their time. They each possessed very distinct styles, which quickly became mainstream and styles which represented the concept of American womanhood during the time of their husbands' presidencies.