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Watch Winders: What Are They and Should I Own One?

A watch winder is a device with a motor that simulates the movement of hand winding to keep your automatic timepieces running correctly.

Should I Own A Watch Winder?

Since most modern watches are automatic or ""self-winding,"" the movement of your arm as you go about your day while wearing your timepiece is enough to wind your watch and keep it running the way it should. However, if you own more than even one watch, the responsibility of keeping your watches wound could become a tedious task. For this reason and more, any watch aficionado, and certainly any watch collector, should consider the benefits of a watch winder.

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What are the features of a watch winder?

Keep Things Moving: While most watches with automatic movement can be maintained through daily wear, if you own more than one watch, a watch winder will keep them running smoothly through a series of settings that wind the watch for you while it sits idle. A watch winder helps keep the lubricants inside of your automatic timepiece running smoothly and evenly when you are not wearing the watch — a substantial part in preserving its durability and increasing the lastingness of your collection.

Settings Make It Easy: Watch winders make taking care of your watches convenient and easy. Many watch winders come with programmable settings that comply with your particular watch. Adjustable TPD (turns per day,) start-delay times, directional options and pre-programmed phases all help keep the maintenance of your watches functional and fuss-free.

Silence is Golden: The rotations that a watch winder performs should be gentle and unobtrusive. A good watch winder should have a near-silent motor.

Two-In-One: Many watch winders include storage and display space for your timepieces. Because of this, a watch winder is a useful and versatile piece that will help optimize space on your dresser or bureau. They are available in a range of sizes to accommodate a single or couple of watches, all the way up to a double-digit collection.

Looks Matter: In addition to all of the great benefits of a watch winder, they also carry a certain air of sophistication, charm and luxury. For the stylish gentleman with a keen eye and affinity for his timepieces, a watch winder could be considered the final piece to round out his collection.