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What is a Jewelry Safety Clasp?

Jewelry safety clasps are in the category of jewelry findings. You'll find safeties in bracelets, watches, necklaces, and pins and they are used to provide extra security to the closure. Often they are used to supplement a main clasp and other times they are used to protect the point of a pin. Pin, necklace, and bracelet safety clasps come in several different styles to accommodate certain needs and designs:

Types of Jewelry Safety Clasps

  • Safety Chain Clasp

    Safety Chain — Jewelry safety chains are attached to both sides of the opening for a necklace or bracelet. It provides an extra measure of security in case the main clasp fails.

  • Single Latch Safety Clasp

    Single Latch Safety — A single latch is a hinged supplemental clasp which gives extra security to the closure of a necklace or bracelet.

  • Double Latch Clasp

    Double Latch — A double latch is a safety mechanism that secures the clasp of a bracelet or necklace using two safety latches.

  • Hook Safety Clasp

    Hook Safety — A hook safety is a mechanism that uses a hook or C-shaped piece to secure a pin or clasp.

  • Fiqure Eight Clasp

    Figure 8 Safety — A figure 8 safety is a hinged safety lock with a cinched middle that clips over a button. A figure 8 safety is used to either supplement a clasp or to keep a hinged bangle bracelet closed.

  • Revolver Safety — A revolver safety conceals the point of a brooch pin and keeps it in place with a revolving lever mechanism.

  • Push-Pull — Seen mostly on estate pins, a push-pull safety is a tube-like mechanism that slides over the end of the pin to secure it.