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Since the 3rd millennium BC, rings have been worn as ornamentation, starting with the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The earliest known ring was a simple hoop of wire worn around the fingers. Today, rings have become more meaningful and come in the form of many cultural commonplaces, such as promise rings, class rings, wedding rings, and anniversary rings.


Bands are rings that have the same width all around. This style is most commonly used for wedding rings. Eternity bands are a specific kind of band, with stones that carry all the way around.

Solitaires are rings that feature a single stone verses multi-stone styles that usually showcase 3, 4, or 5. Though many of our rings are preset with the stones, we do offer some semimount Engagement rings that allow you to hand select the center stone.

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Cluster rings are just as they sound: multiple stones of variable shapes and sizes clustered in random formation. Mosaics are a type of cluster ring, with use of different kinds or colors of stones gathered together.

Halo rings are very popular among the modern Engagement ring designs. Small stones encircle a larger stone forming a "halo" that accentuates and brings added sparkle or color.

Cocktail rings were originally worn only to cocktail parties but have become more of versatile over the years. The concept behind the cocktail ring is "the bigger, the better" with use of large stones and exaggerated detailing. This is not to be confused with a dinner ring, which is also large in stature, but fancier and more refined for use during special occasions and formal dinners.

Other styles include split-shank, where the shank has one or more decorative openings; bypass, where the two ends of the shank go in different directions and sidestep each other; highway, or crisscross, where multiple bands crossover each other in various directions; and cigar, where the band is chunky or wide.


Our higher end rings are made of precious metals including platinum and yellow, white, or rose gold. Gold karats range from 10kt-18kt. To get the same luxurious look for less, we also offer rings in sterling silver, rhodium or palladium plating, and gold over silver (also known as vermeil or gold-plated silver). This gold comes in yellow, white, or rose tones and ranges from 14kt-24kt.

For those looking for strong and sturdy rings, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten are the way to go. Many of our men's wedding or fashion rings are made from these materials and although they are great quality, they cannot be resized the same way precious metals can.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think "ring" is most likely diamonds. Though we do offer an abundance of exquisite diamond rings, we also supply designs in other precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, and even pearls. For more affordable styles, many of our rings are decorated with CZs, crystal, synthetic or composed stones, enamel, mother-of-pearl, or shell.