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What Is the Difference Between a Necklace and a Pendant?


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Model wearing gold necklace and pendant. Products 929177 and 834423.
Model holding three gold necklaces. Products 923629, 913578, 926742 and 900733.
Model wearing gold necklace and two pendants. Products 926742, 929177, 913578 and 900733.


A necklace is a form of jewelry that is worn around the neck. It can take many styles—a classic strand of pearls, a sleek 14kt yellow gold chain or a luxurious diamond tennis necklace to name a few of our best-selling necklaces. Necklaces are offered in a variety of lengths, ranging from 14” to 36”. Shorter lengths can be worn to accentuate the collarbone and neck, while the longer lengths can be worn to elongate the torso or to achieve the popular layered necklace look. As necklaces have evolved in style, materials and silhouettes throughout the years, the pendant necklace has remained a staple to jewelry fashion.

A pendant, while occasionally suspended from a string of gemstones or pearls, is typically found dangling off a silver or gold chain. Although most commonly associated with necklaces, pendants can also be used to decorate bracelets and anklets. To be technical, the pendant must be removable from the chain in order to be considered a pendant. The loop that attaches the pendant to the chain is known to jewelers as a “bale,” which the chain passes through.

While designers have experimented with pendant necklace lengths in recent years, they are most classically 16” or 18” in length, falling elegantly on or just below the collarbone. To learn more about necklace lengths and what the best length is for you, visit our necklace length guide.

Pendants can be purchased with a coordinating chain or on their own. With our vast collection of pendant necklaces, we have classics like gold love knot pendants extended from a rope chain or more eclectic pieces, like a Murano glass pendant hung from multiple rows of Murano glass beads. To create a more custom look, pendant can be matched to a chain or necklace already in your jewelry box or paired with a piece from our chain necklace collection.

Pendants are most commonly worn as crosses, however personalized monogram pendants and heart pendants are becoming increasingly popular motifs. The award for most iconic pendant? No surprise, the diamond pendant necklace. A timeless choice, the diamond pendant is a treasured piece of fine jewelry that can be passed down for generations.