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Monogram Jewelry Buying Guide

What better way to individualize your look than with a piece of monogram jewelry? Though traditionally "monogram" indicates a particular lettering style, it is often used as a general term for anything that can be personalized with a name, word, or initial. Sometimes, people will monogram their own name or initial, or one of a special loved one. Others may like to feature a certain word that brings inspiration or hope.

Monogram jewelry can make a thoughtful present for any occasion! Giving a personalized gift shows that you really took the time and effort to pick something special. And it's not just for women either – child's monogram jewelry and men's monogram accessories are available to accommodate all the loved ones in your life! Moreover, we have styles to suit all tastes and budgets! Our personalized jewelry comes in anything from sterling silver to gold, sometimes adorned with diamonds or pearls. Here are some of our favorite monogram jewelry styles:

Monogram Pendant or Charm

On a cord necklace or chain, you can wear your initials in a chic monogram pendant. Some classic creations engrave the initials onto a circle or oval disc. But if you want something fancy, opt for a cutout design, where the letters really come to life. These same style options are also available as charms for trendy, monogram bracelets. Whatever your choice, you'll want to make your monogram jewelry initials part of your signature look.

Jewelry Gold Necklaces #890922

Name Necklace

Spell it out! Wear your name or a special word stationed on a necklace. Name necklaces reveal your choice word through cutout letters, giving it a bold, handwritten look. Most have an 8-9 character limit and come in gold, sterling silver, or vermeil. Some extra special designs may even be sprinkled with diamond accents as an expression of your sparkling personality.

Sterling Silver Name Necklace #448725

ID Jewelry

You've heard of dog tags, nameplates, or name bars? These are all forms of ID style jewelry. Whether it be a necklace or bracelet, ID jewelry offers a long flat surface to engrave with your name or initials. Some designs can hold as many as 12 characters.

Child's 14kt Yellow Gold Name ID Bracelet. 6 Inches #012444

Initial Necklace

When one letter says it all, opt for an initial necklace. A cutout, single initial pendant or charm will look so cute on a chain necklace – especially if it has diamond accents! These single initials styles are also offered as rings or bracelets. One popular trend is to layer different initials with a 16" and an 18" necklace. This could feature your first and last name initials, or even the initials of loved ones.

Diamond Accent Mini Initial Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold #799498

Signet Ring

Signet rings feature a large flattened surface engraved with a monogram or initial. Today they are worn for style purposes, but originally they were used to create signature wax seals!

Sterling Silver Personalized Signet Ring #773548

Men's Monogram Accessories:

Tie tacks, cuff links, money clips, and key chains – we offer these men's favorites with personalized engraving. These gifts are ideal for Father's Day, graduations, birthdays, and even Christmas.

Sterling Silver Personalized Oval cuff links #052212

Things to Know About Monogram Jewelry

  1. All of our personalized jewelry is engraved for FREE!
  2. If you are buying for a gift, give yourself at least an extra 3-5 days, sometimes even a few weeks. These are custom orders and they take more time to fulfill.
  3. If the option is there, make sure to specify if you want block or script font.
  4. There is a difference between Three-Initial and Monogram styling.
    • Three-Initial is just three equally sized initials, usually meant to represent a first name, middle name, and last name in that order.
    • Monogram is three initials, with the center featured larger than the rest. The center initial typically represents the last name (or surname) initial.
  5. We also have monogram collectibles and home decor, including cups, silverware, and frames!