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Reputable Jewelry Websites: How to Find Them

Before the glorious days of online shopping, jewelry buying was almost exclusively done in department stores or specialty jewelry shops. But as the multitude of online retailers continue to grow with each passing day, shopping for your favorite jewelry is now easier than ever before.

Online Shopping Tips

Though the convenience of online shopping is more than desirable, often there is still a sense of apprehension or hesitation amongst shoppers to fully trust the retailers on the other side of the screen. The following simple tips are meant to give you, the online shopper, the confidence required to shop online. These tips will help you feel like you made the right decision, and put you at ease knowing you have all the information you need. They will ensure your satisfaction with your online purchase, and encourage and excite you to continue to shop online. So keep reading — your life is about to get much easier!

Start with the Basics

Before you make a jewelry purchase online, you should first take time to ensure the website is reputable. Here are a few ways to do that:

Customer Service. "The customer is always right" mentality has not changed in the digital age. Perhaps the most useful piece of information to acquire before making your online purchase is to note the customer service practices of the company you are shopping with. Be sure there is a 1-800 number available, and a chat feature allowing you to easily speak with someone should an issue arise.

Read Reviews. Customer reviews are arguably the best way to gain feedback on online retailers. Identify the area of the company website where customer reviews are shared, and take note of what they liked the most about their shopping experience, as well as any areas of disappointment. You should also take note if the company does not provide an area to share their customer reviews!

Be Social. Social media has made playing detective easier than ever when it comes to consumer awareness. Research the social media presence of the company and you will be amazed by the information you will find! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest have become gateways for the customer to interact with the brand in ways that will inform future customers. Social platforms have the unique ability to capture an element of honesty unlike any other method of feedback. Take note of their follower count, number of shares when they post, and the types of comments on their posts.

Get to Know the Brand

Do Your Research. Always be sure to read through the history section of the company website. Here, you should be able to better understand what kind of reputation the company has, their brand standards, and a general sense of how they conduct their business. Also research or look into their return and refund policies, as well as their shipping information. Take note of the credit cards that are accepted, and if PayPal is an option. PayPal is a very popular third party service that quickly and safely transfers your money to the vendor through an online transaction. Getting familiar with these policies ensures that there will be no surprises or disappointments during your shopping experience.

Clarity and Transparency of the Product. When it comes to quality jewelry, there are countless gemstone varieties, composition methods and design techniques that go into each beautiful creation. As the customer, you should know exactly what you are buying. A good online jeweler will disclose as many clear, easy-to-understand details as possible about each of their pieces so that you know exactly what you are paying for. A reputable brand will present a professional working website with great quality photographs, accurate, easy-to-understand writing, and only the most up-to-date offers and information.

Disclaimers and Care Instructions. Most fine jewelry should be handled with care. A good online jewelry retailer will explain the sensitivities and specific handling and care instructions to protect, preserve and ensure the longevity of your purchases. Some pieces of jewelry should only be worn in certain climate, and not when you are participating in any high-impact activities such as working out. A clear and honest disclosure of these details is vital and a telltale way to determine if that online jewelry retailer deserves your business.