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Show Love and Loveliness With Heart Jewelry


When words alone just won't do, heart-shaped jewelry surely says it all. Whether it's as a gift that shows your affection or as a wearable reminder of someone special in your life, heart jewelry is an unmistakable symbol of love in all its forms. From gold heart pendant necklaces to gemstone heart-shaped earrings, there are thousands of stylish and sentimental options from which to choose. Whatever your selection, there's never a wrong way to celebrate love.

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Types of Popular Heart Jewelry

Heart-shaped jewelry is simple enough to describe; gems or metal formed into the shape of a heart. The simplicity ends there as the variety of heart jewelry is extensive. Partial to Sparkle? You can find heart-cut gemstone rings in opal, sapphire, crystal, and even diamond. Unadorned options are equally breath-taking. Many designers craft contemporary minimalistic heart necklaces in sterling silver or yellow, rose, and white gold. Check out enamel pins, heart-link bracelets, stud earrings, and other accessories. If there is a type of jewelry, it probably comes in hearts and numerous diverse shapes.

Different heart designs also carry different meanings. A broken heart could symbolize loss or serve as a tribute to a missed loved one. Half a heart could work as a shared piece between far-away friends or family. A red heart would symbolize romantic love, whereas a pink one might just be a sign of friendship. Choose your jewelry with these meanings in mind for great gifting results.


The History of Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Records of heart-shaped jewelry date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. Some paintings show heart ornaments as far back as ancient Rome. The Middle Ages featured it on rings and pins in a Witch's Heart design, which is asymmetrical and elongated. From there, the shape evolved into the design we see today.

Heart bracelets and necklaces rose to popularity in France, England, and eventually the United States. Supposedly, even King Edward VIII presented a heart charm to Wallis Simpson in the early 20th century. It continually represents love for another as well as a status symbol for the wealthy and elite.


Select a Piece That Matches Your Style

There are so many heart styles and designs to choose from—you can pick one that matches your personality or fashion sense. For elegant events, choose a heart designed with platinum or 18kt gold. Choose from rings or necklaces set with solitaire heart-shaped gems or a cluster of smaller stones set in the shape of a heart.

Vintage and antique styles work well for upscale occasions. Look for metal that looks classically aged and traditional stones such as emeralds, rubies, or sapphires. If you prefer a more modern look, seek out stylized hearts in simple, bold lines. Highlight your favorite color and opt for a colored stone or enamel to add a bit of fashion-forward pop while showcasing the past.


Heart Jewelry for Yourself or as a Gift

Most commonly, heart-shaped jewelry is ideal as a present to someone for whom you care. Give it as a gift of affection to someone you're dating or to your amazing spouse. Present it as a birthday trinket complete with their birthstone or just because you feel like showing you care. There are numerous reasons to buy a heart pendant or ring for someone, especially on Valentine's day when hearts are all the rage.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to these designs as well. Hearts sometimes come paired with other symbols, such as specific animals, letters, and other motifs. Buy yourself a simple heart piece if you fancy—after all, love for yourself is essential.


Heart Jewelry: FAQs Answered

While hearts are simple enough designs, they also contain some complexities. How, when, and who else buys this style of jewelry are all questions that come to mind.

When should you buy heart-shaped jewelry?

If you seek variety, no time is better than Valentine's day. During January and February, jewelry stores pack their inventory with various heart-shaped accessories and decorations. This includes multitudes of rings, necklaces, and more, so you have an immense collection from which to select. If you wish to find a great deal, check stores in March for discounts or clearance jewelry that didn't sell out during Valentine's day. It might be the ideal time to pick up a pair of heart earrings or a pendant.

Can you personalize heart jewelry?

Naturally! Often, rings, necklaces, and some tennis bracelets allow space for engraving. That way, you can include a message of love or a name to indicate who your heart literally and metaphorically belongs. Want to show that exceptional lady how much she means to you? Surprise her with a gorgeous monogrammed locket so she can hold dear a tiny, treasured photo and the initials of her favorite someone.

Who wears heart jewelry?

Historically, many famous male and female figures showed off heart jewelry. That love-themed fashion statement still remains popular today, as many celebrities demonstrate. Journalist Hoda Kotb wears a heart necklace given to her as a mother, Lady Gaga treasures a diamond heart ring, and actress Dakota Johnson has heart-shaped earrings to accent her styles on the red carpet. If you want to wear your heart on your sleeve—or wrist or neck or ears—you're in good company.

Show your affection to people that matter with a heart jewelry gift. Express your friendship, adoration, or romance with just one simple shape. The symbol is timeless and never goes out of style, much like the love it represents.