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Cocktail Ring Guide: Make a Statement with a Timeless Accessory

16.00 Carat Prasiolite and .19 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver. #893134

What makes cocktail rings so alluring is their distinct design that features an oversized gemstone, diamond or pearl at the center. Smaller gemstones often flank the central rock, giving the cluster ring a three-dimensional appeal that makes your fingers look oh-so enticing!

16.00 Carat Prasiolite and .19 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver. #893134

While cocktail or dinner rings may feature expensive gemstones like diamond or sapphire, it's possible to find these sparklers in more affordable styles. Semi-precious stones like amethyst, blue topaz or garnet add dazzling color to these dinner rings. More exotic stones like tanzanite, morganite, opal and aquamarine are just as beautiful, but provide a little extra uniqueness. Jewelry designers work with gorgeous gemstones to craft luxurious-looking fashion rings.


Types of Cocktail Rings

A diamond cocktail ring is an opulent possession that makes for an heirloom piece. A halo ring featuring a large center stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones creates a big statement. For a vibrant look, opt for a colored center stone like emerald or ruby surrounded by smaller diamonds. While a diamond-on-diamond silhouette set on a platinum band is the classic look for a halo ring, a colorful gem makes the piece pop. A halo pattern enhances the appearance of smaller diamonds by making them look up to half a carat larger than they are. With a halo setting, high-carat diamonds seem even bigger. The result — you get a sparkling cocktail ring that creates the illusion of very high-end jewelry.

For modern styles that fuse classic with contemporary, try gold cocktail rings. There's an endless variety of gold rings studded with precious and semiprecious stones. Rose gold is a beautiful metal that oozes feminine appeal and pairs well with almost any colored gemstone. Always stay in style with 18kt white or yellow gold. These gold treasures are highly wearable pieces that make them a practical choice for the modern woman.


Vintage Cocktail Rings

Because cocktail rings came into style during the roaring 1920s, there are a lot of pre-loved vintage or estate styles available. A vintage piece is anything that is 20 to 100 years old. Anything older than that is considered antique. Many estate pieces come from the Art Deco, Retro and Victorian eras, but there are also beautiful vintage ring designs from more modern times such as the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Vintage cocktail rings typically feature vibrant large stones or a collection of smaller gems that, together, create a bold, beautiful piece. The metal work on these exquisite rings often includes delicate filigree work, hand-engraving and ornate curves that bring a delicate feel to a large, bold piece.

These vintage statement rings are perfect for women looking to add timeless pieces to their jewelry boxes. They feature an ornate pattern with exquisite detailing for an exceptional look that pairs well with almost any outfit.


How to Wear a Cocktail Ring

Most women wear these statement rings on the right hand. This is to avoid any confusion with engagement or wedding bands that adorn the left hand. But there are no hard rules for wearing and styling cocktail rings. Let your personality shine through by flaunting these beautiful sparklers any way you please!

Best Occasions to Wear Fancy Rings

Traditionally, women reserved cocktail rings for special occasions. Modern styling makes these chic pieces a favorite accessory for fashion-forward women, no matter the occasion. Since cocktail rings are available in so many styles, it's easy to find the right pick for any event. Whether hosting friends and relatives for a cozy dinner at home, going out for a party or enjoying a romantic night with a special someone, there's the perfect fancy ring for every event.

Styling Statement Rings

A cocktail ring is statement jewelry that needs to stand out. To draw focus to your big and beautiful bling ring, keep other accessories to a minimum. You can mix and match rings to create a stacked ring design, which is very popular these days. To complete this look, start with a14kt yellow or white gold band and layer it with delicate rings featuring diamonds or semiprecious stones. Remember, mix and match works only for small and medium-sized rings. A chunkier ring with larger gemstones looks best when worn as a solo piece.


Cocktail Rings: Top FAQs Answered

Looking to add these irresistible beauties to your jewelry collection? Here are answers to commonly asked questions regarding cocktail rings that'll make your shopping experience easier.

Why the name cocktail ring?

Cocktail rings date back to the Prohibition Era of the 1920s, when there was a ban on alcohol in the U.S. Wealthy women would sport these fancy pieces at rare parties featuring cocktails and alcohol, and that's how these jazzy jewelry pieces got their name.

What outfits pair well with cocktail rings?

These trendy jewelry pieces look great with countless outfits! Keep in mind the occasion, garment colors and style when trying to match the ring with apparel. A diamond ring, for example, looks best with a classic ensemble like a little black dress or an evening gown. Distinctive patterns with colored stones can spice up everyday outfits such as a girly top and a pair of denim jeans.

What is a diamond dinner ring?

A diamond dinner ring is a cocktail ring with a dazzling rock in the middle. The center diamond is large-sized, usually three carats or above. These show-stopping pieces have a vintage flair to them and can feature a richly hued emerald, aquamarine or topaz as a centerpiece, surrounded by a crown of smaller diamonds.

Stand out from the crowd by sporting a gorgeous cocktail ring that allows you to express yourself through stunning design and beautiful colors. Whether you choose to adorn the piece with your favorite gemstone or a birthstone, these rings are a great representation of your personal style. Explore our collection of cocktail rings for trendsetting styles to jazz up your outfits.