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A Guide to Choosing & Wearing Cross Jewelry


Religious jewelry has been around for centuries, and through cross jewelry, this tradition continues into the modern-day. Most people wear this crest to showcase their commitment to their Christian faith. Some Christians also believe that wearing a cross can protect them from perils and enemies. The simplicity of this religious symbol imbues your jewelry with elegance and meaning. It's the perfect way to dress up any ensemble in a subtle yet beautiful manner. Whatever your taste, there's a piece of cross jewelry to match your preference.

Cross Jewelry showing examples in different metals, sizes and gemstones.

What's the Significance and Origins of Cross Jewelry?

Any Christian jewelry item with a cross or crucifix prominently featured is considered cross jewelry. They make for popular gifts on Christian rites such as baptism, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation.

The ancient Egyptians are some of the first credited with the use of the symbol because their looped "Ankh" cross. To them, it stood for life and fertility. But the most widespread use of the symbol dates back to when the Romans converted to Christianity. In the early days, crosses were heavy and ornate, made with bones, wood, or pieces of stone. The lowercase "t" shape of the emblem represents the wooden post upon which Jesus was crucified.

Many Christians wear cross jewelry as a symbol of love, sacrifice and to celebrate their faith. There's also a belief that wearing a cross or crucifix can shield you from evil and dangers. Many non-Christians also wear cross jewelry as a fashion accessory. Cross-adorned artifacts have a deeply religious and spiritual meaning, and they also add a dash of elegance to your look. No matter what it means to you, the cross has been a classic and beloved jewelry choice for generations.


Types of Cross Jewelry

Display your love and commitment toward your Christian faith by sporting fashionable cross accessories. When picking out cross jewelry, think about your style—you'll want a piece that complements it.

Cross Necklaces

If you prefer a classic look, the most traditional way to wear cross jewelry is as a cross necklace or cross pendant. Suspending from a chain around the neck, the cross will rest close to your heart, which is symbolic in and of itself and perfect for a person of Christian faith. Choose a timeless design in yellow gold or sterling silver. It works well with casual outfits such as a pair of denim jeans and a simple white tee.

For a dressier touch, consider a diamond-studded cross suspended on a cable chain. The luxurious touch of diamonds illuminates this symbol of faith and elevates your entire outfit. A diamond cross looks best when worn on special occasions or to Sunday Mass. Pair it with your favorite evening dress or a silk shirt and skirt.

Looking to gift a cross necklace for a birthday? Choose birthstone embellished cross pendants that marry the birthstones with this religious emblem, tailored to the giftee for that personal touch. For instance, if you're looking for a birthday gift for someone born in September, sapphire jewelry is the best pick since this precious stone is the birthstone for September. A beautiful cross pendant encrusted with blue sapphires with diamond accents represents a signature piece that blends the dazzle of sapphire with the beauty of faith.

If gemstone jewelry captivates you, cross pendants featuring pearls, garnet, emerald, or turquoise are delightful picks. They'll add a pop of color to your ensemble for a vibrant look.


Sideways Cross Jewelry

The sideways cross is one of the most popular contemporary jewelry trends of our time. Commonly, you'll see this motif on a necklace with a cross pendant attached horizontally from two ends. These horizontal cross necklaces were a hit among celebrities which contributed to the burst in popularity worldwide. You can find them in gold or silver and sometimes with diamond or CZ embellishments. And this style isn't limited to just necklaces. Sideways cross jewelry includes fashion rings and bracelets, as well.

The sideways cross is simply a modern take on the traditional symbol—a reimaged version of it. Many jewelry designers feel it's important to give older designs a fresh update to keep them in style. Many could speculate that sideways cross jewelry was inspired by other uses of the symbol throughout the world. The national flags for Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland feature a horizontal cross, or "Scandinavian Christian cross," as a patriotic symbol of pride and honor. Also, the side cross can be found on some tombstones, signifying the resurrection of the soul.

As far as the meaning goes, it is often left to the personal interpretation of the wearer. Or it can just be a fun fashion statement and mean nothing at all. Some believe that it represents Christ carrying the cross and laying it down after he had risen. Others consider it to be an expression of self-awareness and understanding your place in the world.

Side cross necklaces are incredibly wearable and work with any style, from classic to eclectic, to gothic. And though they are more commonly worn with casual outfits, horizontal cross necklaces can be dressed up with diamonds for your formal attire. Side crosses can be worn at the center of your neck or chest or swung to the side to create an asymmetrical look. And don't worry about it sliding around throughout the day—it'll look fabulous no matter where it falls on the neckline!

Fashion tip: Choose a diamond-accented sideways cross pendant with a rose gold chain for an on-trend accessory that looks chic yet charming and understated.


Cross Bracelets, Earrings & Rings

While cross necklaces are more customary, neckpieces are not for everyone. Some people simply don't prefer wearing chains or necklaces, while others can't because of their profession or other lifestyle factors that might snag or catch on a necklace. For example, young mothers can find it difficult to wear a necklace, as little ones may grab and pull on dangling jewelry. If your style is contemporary, there are many modern, fashionable options available, including not just necklaces, but cross bracelets, earrings and rings, too.

Adorn your fingers with beautiful cross rings that are available in several different designs. A cross ring is an excellent alternative to necklaces, allowing Christians to wear the symbol of Christ's love on their fingers instead. Sideways crosses are a hit with rings too. A slender, diamond-encrusted sideways cross set on a plain white gold band is simple yet sophisticated. Many contemporary designs utilize two-tone gold to highlight the cross in refined and elegant presentations.

Looking for an ornate item? A bracelet with a detailed crucifix set sideways and crafted in yellow gold is a great accessory to wear to a special occasion. Pair it with neutral-toned outfits like a black or beige dress for a put-together look that's lavish yet refined. Cross bracelets often feature dangling charms and also sideways cross designs. Choose from bolo to cuff to link bracelets set in gold or scintillating silver. Layer your cross bracelet with a monogrammed bangle to highlight your devotion to family and faith.

Choose a pair of dainty huggie cross earrings for an understated look or be a bit more bold with larger, dangling cross earrings set in two-toned gold. Choices include finely detailed, textured or simply smooth styles that are sure to impress. Compliment your Sunday best with our selection of earwire and threader earrings set in gold.

Other styles to consider are our signature byzantine-link designs, Celtic crosses, rosary-style necklaces, and Italian-made pieces that will elevate any look with their fine craftsmanship. No matter what type of cross jewelry you choose, the meaningful symbol will be a staple in your collection or a much-appreciated gift!


Cross Jewelry: FAQs

Here are answers to some common FAQs regarding cross jewelry.

How do you buy cross jewelry?

The foremost thing to keep in mind when buying cross jewelry is the type of symbol you're looking for. Crosses come in varied designs, such as plain crosses, crucifixes, and Celtic crosses. The next thing to consider is your personal sense of style and your wardrobe. Invest in cross jewelry that speaks to your style and goes with several of your outfits. This way, you can mix and match outfits and accessories to curate elegant looks.

White gold is a hit with modern women who love clean cuts and statement pieces. If you like minimalist pieces, a simple white gold cross set is a great choice. Yellow gold is a classic metal that pairs with brightly colored outfits. A yellow gold cross pendant or a ring is our go-to when creating traditional looks.

If your wardrobe features pastel pieces, chiffon shirts, and floral-printed dresses, a rose gold cross necklace is the perfect pick. For those who love colorful vibes, unique crosses with gemstones or pearls are a fabulous option.

Is it wrong to wear cross jewelry if you're not religious?

A cross or a crucifix ties closely to Jesus Christ and the values of Christianity. You can still wear cross jewelry even if you're not religious, but be sure you're comfortable doing so. Whether or not you're of the faith, cross jewelry adds a nice touch to your ensemble, although wearing it as a religious symbol certainly adds more value to this accessory.