How to Buy Beautiful Bracelets to Upgrade Your Style


Bracelets have been used for ages, cross-culturally and worldwide, existing in both primitive and civilized societies. In their early start, bracelets were made primarily of bone, coral, ivory, and some metal, whereas today, they can be made of almost anything, including precious metals and gemstones.

Sterling Silver Byzantine Bracelet with Black Onyx. #906564

A bracelet is an ornament that adorns the wrist, offering an elegant twist to your outfits. The choice of bracelets is endless, from stylish and timeless bangle bracelets to tennis, cuff, link, and many more varieties from which to choose. With so many options available, shopping for wristlets can feel overwhelming. To make your shopping fun and easy, we've compiled this buying guide that reveals everything you've always wanted to know about bracelets.

Bracelet Styles

Most clasped bracelets have a flexible structure, allowing the bracelet to fit comfortably and snug against the wrist. Bracelets open up and close with a lobster, foldover, springring, toggle, push button, fishhook, or magnetic clasp.

Here's a breakdown of popular bracelet styles that feature a contemporary appeal with a classic touch.


Always Stylish Bangle Bracelets Bangles are rigid in form and are meant to fit loosely. Some bangles are slip-on, while others may include a hinge and sometimes a push-button for easy wear. Bangles can be worn alone, but many are designed to be stacked with other bangles for a fun, layered look.

A chunky bangle bracelet works as a statement piece. Try a mix and match look—layer gold bangles with silver or a diamond-studded gemstone for a trendy touch.


Cuff Bracelets Cuffs also have a rigid structure, though some are more pliable so that the bracelet can be bent to better fit the wrist. Cuffs feature a slight opening, often allowing the side of the wrist to slip through. Cuff bracelets can be both sophisticated and highly fashionable.

Wrap your wrists with cuff bracelets featuring colored gemstones, bold engraving, or distinct shapes. Wear them with casual or formal outfits, and you're ready to step out with style and confidence. For example, an enameled turquoise cuff bracelet spruces up a casual outfit, while a yellow gold cuff blends with an evening gown or a monochrome outfit for a sassy look.


Chain and Link Bracelets Chain bracelets are classic pieces that are composed of interconnecting metal links to form an intricate pattern. The most popular chain bracelet varieties include cable, paper clip, station, rope, and San Marco, to name a few. If the individual links are prominent enough, the bracelet can also be classified as a Link bracelet.

Chain and link bracelets add subtle glamour to everyday looks. Popular in sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold, link bracelets are incredibly versatile. Pair a yellow gold link wristlet with a black lace dress to jazz up your looks for a memorable evening. Rose gold styles are a splendid choice for women who love to blend classic patterns with a modern touch.


Tennis Bracelets If you're looking for some versatile sparkle that easily transitions from casual to formal, tennis bracelets are the go-to classic choice. First made famous by tennis champ Chris Evert, the "tennis bracelet" design features a sequence of small diamonds or gemstones connected together by a thin chain of precious metal. A gemstone or diamond tennis bracelet makes for a luxurious ornament that's perfect for any occasion. Team it with a beautiful dress in solid or neutral tones, and add a pair of matching diamond earrings for an ethereal look that'll win you endless compliments.


Bolo Bracelets Often called a lariat bracelet, a bolo bracelet is both fashionable and functional. Designed with a slide that allows for easy adjustment, these on-trend bracelets fit on almost any wrist. Many bolo bracelets feature a central gemstone, design, or motif and are available in a wide selection of precious metals. Because of their design, Bolo bracelets are ideal for layering—Imagine wearing a trio of a byzantine, diamond cluster, and beaded bolo on the same wrist—absolutely beautiful.

Sized bracelets may not fit everyone, and we understand that. That is why we offer some adjustable options that include stretch bracelets, multiple snap buttons, and chain extenders. Adjustable bracelets are typically more casual in style.

Other styles include:

  • Charm bracelets, where the bracelet features one or more dangling objects.
  • Byzantine, an intricate, rope-like chain that's both strong and flexible.
  • Anklet, where the bracelet is worn around the ankle.
  • Wraps, where the bracelet wraps around the wrist more than once before it's closed.

Bracelet Materials

Precious metals, including platinum and yellow, white, or rose gold ranging from 10kt-24kt, are the base of our most luxurious bracelets. To create similar high-end looks for less, we offer alternatives such as sterling silver, rhodium, palladium, and gold over silver. Some bracelets, especially designer, are made of stainless steel and sometimes incorporate a colored film called "PVD coating" to produce specific tones. Still, other fashionable bracelets are constructed with materials such as leather, cord, enamel, or beads.


Many of our bracelets let the metal speak for itself, with little ornamentation, sometimes relying on texturing or engraving. When it comes to stones, our selections have no end. We offer an amazing selection of bracelets lined with diamonds, precious and semiprecious gemstones, pearls, and CZs for both fancy and formal designs. Other bracelets are sprinkled, accented, or featured with solitaire stone or pearl details. For more affordable options, try synthetic or composed stones, enamel, mother-of-pearl, or shell.

Finding the Right Fit

When buying a bracelet, start with the size of your wrist. We've put together an easy Bracelet Sizer PDF document to help you find the perfect selection.

  • Determine the ideal fit by making sure that the bracelet will be comfortable and secure.
  • Use a thick piece of paper or cardstock. Thin paper could cause ripping or twisting, which could lead to an inaccurate measurement.
  • Print in 100% resolution and do not scale or zoom. Then confirm the accuracy of printing by placing a card on your printed page.

How to Choose Bracelets

Delicate bracelet silhouettes like braided styles look best on smaller wrists, while statement pieces such as wrap bracelets work well for large-sized wrists. Choosing jewelry based on your wardrobe and personal taste is the best way to get more out of your ornaments.

Is a Bracelet a Good Gift?

Yes! Bracelets make for fabulous gifts for both men and women. They come in endless varieties, so finding the perfect item is never a problem. In addition, most jewelers can personalize certain bracelets to include initials, a favorite charm, or the recipient's birthstone. This adds that personal touch to your gift and is sure to make that special person feel delighted and loved.