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Our Guide to Bolo Jewelry


Sleek and modern, the bolo style has quickly become a popular choice in jewelry. The bolo is an adjustable sliding mechanism that allows the wearer to easily customize the wear and fit. Bolo bracelets comfortably fit most wrists. The adjustable closure ensures your bracelet fits perfectly on the wrist and remains secured until you’re ready to take it off. Ultimately versatile from fit to style, a diamond bolo can be worn alone for a delicate look, or a few gemstone or bold gold bolos can be stacked to create a statement.

Italian 18kt Gold Over Sterling Rope-Style Bolo Bracelet #888198
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Bolo jewelry comes as necklaces or bracelets, but the traditional bolo neckties often include an elegant gemstone. Diamond bolo bracelets are perfect for any occasion, such as complementing a casual dress for an elegant evening with friends. Wear bolo jewelry to dress down for a backyard barbeque or dress up for a smart-casual brunch at the in-spot in town. Mix and match styles and gemstones for a unique look that you can change in a heartbeat. The spiritual quality of wearing a diamond means strength and protection—giving you extra power.

Origins of the Bolo

The contemporary bolo jewelry style is said to be inspired by the once popular “bolo tie” in 1940s western fashion. As a clever way to prevent a cowboy hat from flying away while riding a horse, the wearer simply tightened the neck strap of their hat using the bolo slider to keep it secure in the wind. A line of ties using a similar sliding mechanism soon followed. The bolo tie was typically a thin cord looped and secured using this bolo clasp in the center. We can still find bolo ties in modern-day fashion for both men and women. Eventually, this style was adapted by jewelers worldwide due to its versatility and universal fit, and today can be found in both necklaces and bracelets.


How Does a Bolo Work?

The bolo bracelet includes a slider bead through which two ends of jewelry chain are slid through, finished off at the ends with a bead or ball to prevent the jewelry from sliding loose. Follow these easy instructions to adjust your bolo bracelet and achieve carefree wear:

  1. Extend the slider bead fully.
  2. Slide the bracelet onto your wrist.
  3. Hold the bracelet steady with one finger.
  4. Pull the slider bead back towards your wrist to the desired fit.

How We're Styling Our Bolo Bracelets

The more, the merrier! We love using bolo bracelets to create a layered, statement look.

  1. Start simple. Beginning with a simple base will make it easy to start stacking. Choose a sterling silver or gold bolo to set the tone for your look.
  2. Add some sparkle. Add some classic sparkle with a diamond bolo, or layer on some color with gemstones. If you’re going for a truly glam look, add both!
  3. Make it personal. For a truly unique look, finish off your stack with a personalized bolo with custom engraving. Adding a special date, initial or monogram to your new look truly makes it all your own.
  4. Let us do it for you. Love the idea of creating a statement bracelet stack but still not sure where to start? Let us do the work for you with our pre-styled bolo bracelets sets.

FAQs About Bolo Jewelry

What is bolo jewelry?

Some consider the origination of the bolo design a mystery. Yet, historians have declared two strong possibilities. One cowboy, Victor Cedarstaff, claims he created the style as a solution to keep his hat on while riding his horse. However, evidence points to the Southwestern American Indian jewelers, who extensively use the design. One thing is definite. The bolo first became famous as neckwear for cowboys in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona in the 1960s. "Bolo" comes from boleadora, an Argentine lariat, or lasso rope. The bolo consists of a flat surface device that holds two tubular leather thongs together. The thongs slide through the mechanism, tightening and loosening the piece. Jewelers may adorn the flat surface with gems like sapphires, topaz, amethysts, opals, or peridot.

Can you put charms on a bolo bracelet?

Customize your adjustable bolo bracelet by removing the ball end or lobster claw on the end of the bolo bracelet strings. Effortlessly add your favorite charms or story beads. When someone admires your diamond bolo bracelet, you can tell them the meaning and stories behind each of your charms or beads. Wearing an adjustable bolo bracelet helps you add charms or story beads by making the bracelet smaller or bigger around your wrist. Remember, charms make heartwarming gifts for someone who loves to wear bolo bracelets. Consider giving a charm as a gift for someone special in your life.

Are bolo bracelets on-trend?

Bolo bracelets are super popular based on their sophisticated and elegant designs. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. Perhaps it's the easy sliding device, which adjusts to fit your wrist. The bolo bracelet always fits perfectly, comfortably, and securely with its slide clasp. Its style speaks classy and current. Try one with yellow gold beaded bands, or consider a monogram with studded diamonds. You can't go wrong with simple pieces like a heart or animal shapes. For elegance, try white gold bolo bracelets. The precious metal adds a silvery-white sheen, accentuating each design and providing sparkle and brilliance to its gemstones.