50th Birthday Gift Ideas


A golden birthday is a milestone worth celebrating. If you have someone special turning 50, it's time to go looking for a special gift to mark the occasion. Jewelry is the perfect 50th birthday gift idea because it's a cherished fashion accessory worn close to the body and capable of accentuating the right outfits. Select a piece that's eye-catching and meaningful to the gift receiver. Look for a jewelry item that's a nod to something beloved by the special 50-year old in your life. This gives the piece sentimental value and a special place in their jewelry collection.


Traditional 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

What could be better than gold for their "Golden Jubilee" birthday? Choose one of these pieces in 18kt yellow gold for a radiant look. White gold is a neutral color with a beautiful lustrous sheen for a classic look. Rose gold is another popular choice for a 50th birthday jewelry piece. Its soft, pink-gold finish complements all skin tones and looks dazzling in rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Another top contender for an ideal 50th birthday gift for women and a present that'll add brilliance to her day is diamond jewelry. Diamonds symbolize eternal love, a welcome sentiment for a beloved worth celebrating. A solitaire diamond looks ravishing set in yellow, white, or rose gold. A diamond 50th birthday necklace is another fine choice to celebrate the milestone. Find such dazzling pairings in pieces of jewelry ranging from stud earrings and necklaces to tennis bracelets.


Consider Birthstones When Picking Jewelry for 50th Birthday

Birthstone jewelry makes thoughtful 50th birthday gifts for women. For the special person in your life celebrating their 50th birthday milestone, a piece of jewelry with their birthstone feels like a personalized gift. For example, the lovely purple hue of amethyst will impress a celebrant born in February. Check the chart below to find the gemstones for all the months in the year:

Month Modern Traditional
January Garnet Garnet
February Amethyst Amethyst
March Aquamarine Bloodstone
April Diamond Diamond
May Emerald Emerald
June Alexandrite Pearl
July Ruby Ruby
August Peridot/Spinel Sardonyx
September Sapphire Sapphire
October Tourmaline Opal
November Citrine Topaz
December Blue Topaz/Tanzanite Turquoise/Lapis

Sentimental jewelry as 50th Birthday Gifts for Women

Turning 50 is an excellent time to get nostalgic. Remind the celebrant about moments, places, and things they cherish along the way to this milestone by choosing a jewelry design that tugs the strings of their heart. Pick from many personalized jewelry designs to highlight one of these cherished memories. For your mom, consider a heart-shaped pendant inscribed with the initials of her children. Let the matriarch of the clan, who fondly remembers her trip overseas, relive those memories with a charm bracelet that holds special memories.

Another way to create a sentimental birthday jewelry gift is to choose a topical design. Some jewelers allow clients to provide words to etch on pieces of jewelry. A good part of the sentimental appeal of these pieces of jewelry is that they reflect the personality of the wearer.


Selecting 50th Birthday Gifts for Men

A 50th birthday is also a major milestone for the special man in your life. For a father, husband, brother, or friend, choose an elegant piece of jewelry that's a nice addition to his collection. Traditional 50th birthday jewelry options for men include bands, bracelets, necklaces, and timepieces.


50th Birthday Gift FAQs

How do you choose jewelry for a 50th birthday?

Before picking a 50th birthday jewelry gift, find out what the recipient already owns. This helps avoid duplicating jewelry items and narrows down your choices to those pieces that complement what the recipient already has. It also helps to choose a jewelry item that reflects the celebrant's taste. For example, vintage jewelry will be most cherished by an antique lover.

While it's a good idea to choose a unique or rare piece of jewelry, this most likely will only be suitable for specific outfits and occasions. A versatile piece that goes well with dressy and casual outfits may be a better choice if you're looking for one that the recipient will wear often.

What do the symbols used in jewelry designs mean?

Symbols on jewelry are recognizable design motifs that can make these fashion pieces even more meaningful and cherished. Choose from various styles and designs adorned with symbols that embody your wishes towards the recipient. Commonly used symbols on jewelry include the heart, the Tree of Life, and the fleur-de-lis. Heart-shaped jewelry celebrates friendship, companionship, affection, and devotion. Interconnectedness and family are the messages of the Tree of Life. The fleur-de-lis symbol signifies dynamism and strength.

Are gemstone colors important when picking 50th birthday gifts for women?

Yes. You should definitely consider the recipient's favorite color or birthstone when choosing gemstone jewelry. Some gemstones come in a few different colors and multiple shades. Sapphire is a superb example of such a stone. It occurs in blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and green.

Like shapes, the colors of gemstones are associated with specific traits and qualities. Select the one that best describes the golden jubilee celebrant. White, for example, represents purity, faith, and perfection. Red is for power, passion, and confidence, while blue connotes loyalty, trust, and companionship. To highlight the celebrant's wisdom and dignity, choose a purple gemstone. Green celebrates growth, hope, and balance.

As for metals, gold is the traditional choice for someone celebrating a 50th milestone, but it is also hard to go wrong with white gold, platinum, and sterling silver.