The Official Birthstone for August is Peridot

Happy Birthday to all of you born in August! You get to celebrate with Martha Stewart, Halle Berry, Madonna, and Cameron Diaz. The August birthstone is the luminous peridot gem which helps the wearer to find bliss and happiness.

The peridot is often worn by royalty and was even known to be Cleopatra's gem of choice! The gem is green and glittering and it is known to protect its wearer. So, make sure to live like royalty and wear some peridot jewelry today!

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What's In a Name?

The word peridot was very popular in ancient times and has three different origins. In Greece, it came from word peridona which translates as "to give richness". In Arabic, it came from the word faridat hich means "gem," and in Europe it was derived from the French word péridot, or meaning "unclear" due to the elusive properties of the gemstone. In some parts, it was known as Chrysolite, which means "gold stone", though this term was less common.

Peridot Birthstone Facts

The three components that make up a peridot's color are hue, which is the first impression of the color; saturation, which determines the lightness and darkness; and the tone which determines in intensity. The peridot that has the greatest value is normally pure green with no other colors.

Where Do Peridots Come From?

Peridots were originally found on a small volcanic island in the middle of the Red Sea. However, the island went untouched for many years and it was rediscovered in the early 1900's.

Now that you know a little more about this precious gem, why not browse our dazzling designs in our collection of August birthstone jewelry. To find out more about the meaning of peridot, check out Express Yourself with an August Birthstone.