November Birthday Sign — What it Says About You

Your birthday represents one of the most important moments in your history. When you wear a birthstone, you not only represent the day you were born, but also express a little piece of who you are. If you were born in November, you might be able to discover a little about your personality through its customary signs: the citrine birthstone and Scorpio zodiac.

Citrine Crystal Meaning

The citrine birthstone meaning stems from the belief that the November stone contains all the power of the sun. It is said to have the ability to overcome negativity with positive energy, to protect against harm, and to ease quarrels and bring healing. If citrine is your birthstone, it could be said that you hold the same properties. You possess an overwhelming optimism and a drive to protect yourself and your loved ones. People are drawn to you and you have a knack for diffusing arguments.

Citrine is also known to promote prosperity. If this is true for you, your knack for money will lead to smart financial decisions, resulting in great wealth and sustainability. But don't let this idea overtake you! Remember if the sun burns too hot, it will die out more quickly. The key is to balance all of your abilities and share them with the ones you love.

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November Scorpio Birthstone

The belief that birthstones line up to the signs of the zodiac has existed as early as the first century. Knowing this, citrine is also connected to the sign of the Scorpio, or "the scorpion." Just like the original citrine stone meaning, Scorpios contain intense power and regenerative properties. They call their own shots, bounce back when life knocks them down, and keep going until they are victorious. Many would say that Scorpios already possess these traits and that wearing citrine jewelry can draw them out and bring them to fruition. Even if you don't believe this to be true, you can still wear November birthstones to express these characteristics and remind yourself to take control of your own fate.

If you relate to the citrine meaning, or just like that November birthstones symbolize the day you were born, you can express yourself with a gorgeous piece from our November birthstone jewelry collection.