Pearls Are the Elegant Birthstone for June

Happy birthday to all of our friends born in June! You'll be celebrating with A-listers, including Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Courtney Cox and Nicole Kidman. June's birthstone is the always-elegant pearl. Besides the diamond, no gem has enchanted us more than the pearl. Since they can be worn with anything and come in every price range, pearls are the most versatile gems to have in your jewelry box. From traditional to trendy, the styles of pearls are endless.

Fun Facts:

Pearls were once believed to have mystical powers because of their luster. And, ancient Roman women may have taken the gem to bed with them to enhance their dreams! The oldest known pearl necklace is more than 4,000 years old, according to "Gems, the Buying Guide." Pearls are strongly associated with love, success and happiness, hence why they're a gem of choice for brides.

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Where Do Pearls Come From?

Saltwater oysters and fresh water mollusks produce the gems. If an irritant becomes lodged in the shell, the organism secretes a substance called "nacre" to ease the discomfort, ultimately creating a lustrous pearl. Mikimoto Kokich invented the first cultured pearls over a century ago and opened the first Mikimoto boutique in 1899. Today, there are several companies that develop cultured pearls.

Types of Pearls:

Saltwater pearls, known for their roundness, are among the most common pearls and Akoya is the most famous type. With a beautiful luster, freshwater pearls are a great value. Having a distinct and irregular shape, baroque pearls are fashionable and a fun way to shake up your pearl style.

Enough of the facts, let's shop for pearls!