Garnets Shine as January's Birthstone

You are in good company. Celebrities such as Katie Couric, Carolina Herrera, Kate Middleton and Faye Dunaway also celebrate birthdays in January.

Do You Have a January Birthday? Happy Birthday!

You probably know that gorgeous garnets are designated as the official January birthstone.

The beloved gemstone comes in a variety of colors from bright red, warm mahogany to a pink-purple hue and complements any skin tone.

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What's In a Name?

The name "garnet" comes from the Latin word for pomegranate, which has bright red garnet-like seeds.

The History Behind the Garnet:

The warm glow of garnet has captivated people for thousands of years. Ancient cultures wore garnets to lift depression, possess healing powers and protect against bad dreams. Victorians gave garnet jewelry to express love and fidelity.

Where Do Garnets Come From?

Deposits of garnet gemstones can be found in Brazil, Australia, Africa and Europe just to name a few.

Now that you know a little more about this precious gem, why not browse our dazzling designs!