Blue Topaz is December's Birthstone

Happy Birthday to all of our December birthdays! You will be celebrating with Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera and Diane Sawyer. Your birthstone is blue topaz and when given the gem from a loved one, it symbolizes eternal love and faithfulness.

Topaz is a gorgeous gemstone that can be found around the world. It comes in many different cuts and colors.

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What's in a Name?

There are two supposed origins of the name topaz. The first comes from the island of Topazos in the Red Sea, where Romans were said to have obtained the stone. The second comes from the Indian Sanskrit word tapas, which means "fire."

Fun Facts

During medieval times topaz was thought to heal mental and physical disorders and to prevent death.

Where Does Blue Topaz Come From?

Topaz is mentioned in the bible, but modern day scientists do not believe that it was true topaz. They believe that the first discovery of modern topaz was in Germany in 1737. Although topaz can be found throughout the world, the clearest and bluest colored topaz can be found in mines in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and China.

Now that you have background information on the sunny gemstone, shop our collection of blue topaz earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.