Birthstones for Each Month: Born to Be Fabulous

It is believed that the origin of birthstones began with the breastplate of the Biblical character Aaron. The breastplate contained twelve stones to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Later on, the 1st Century Roman-Jewish historian Josephus connected the breastplate to the twelve months of the year and concluded that the stones must correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

From then on, certain gemstones have been assigned to each month, taking on different meanings and said to embody particular protective or healing characteristics. Some believe that a birthstone's powers intensify during its assigned month, and that therefore, all twelve should be possessed in order to receive the birthstones' full effect. However, others just find it fun to wear a gemstone that represents their birthday or some other symbolic meaning.

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But folklore aside, birthstones are a big part of jewelry design and became standard in 1912, with the National Association of Jewelers. Ross-Simons offers a great assortment of birthstone jewelry in all sorts of shapes and styles. And you don't have to be born in a particular month to fancy a certain birthstone! In fact, having a variety of gemstones in your jewelry collection will add spice to your wardrobe, as each birthstone has a unique color, characteristic, and symbolic meaning. Explore our birthstone jewelry and decide what each piece means to you.

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Birthstone Meanings

  • Garnet (January): Known for their deep red color, garnets represent love, friendship, passion, and trust. Try garnets for a sultry, romantic look.
  • Amethyst (February): With a bold, royal purple color, amethysts symbolize loyalty, peace, balance, and courage. Wear amethysts for a regal pop of color!
  • Aquamarine (March): With a color similar to that of the ocean or the sky, aquamarines represent calmness, clarity, and protection. Try aquamarines for serene and sophisticated styling.
  • Diamond (April): Known for their clear complexion and intense sparkle, diamonds signify purity, perfection, and devotion. Dress in diamonds for a look of timeless glamour.
  • Emerald (May): With deeply rich green shades, emeralds stand for fidelity, rebirth, good fortune, and foresight. Try emeralds for a look that's both lush and luxurious.
  • Pearl (June): Famous for their silky luster, pearls represent purity, integrity, truth, loyalty, and charity. Wear pearls for a classy look with endless elegance.
  • Ruby (July): With their bright and succulent red tones, rubies are cherished as symbols of love, wisdom, integrity, devotion, and happiness. Dress in rubies to show off your passionate side.
  • Peridot (August): Cherished for their light, crisp green color, peridot gemstones represent power, youthfulness, and good fortune. Wear peridot to add a fresh and playful color to your outfit.
  • Sapphire (September): Treasured for their luxurious midnight blue shade, sapphires signify creativity, expression, and inner peace. Try sapphires for a look that is both sensational and elegant.
  • Opal (October): Famous for their milky white base and fiery flecks of color, opals represent hope and good fortune. If you wish to add an element of mystery and intrigue to your ensemble, opals are for you!
  • Citrine (November): With color often compared to the sun or honey, citrines are treasured symbols of health, healing, clarity, and success. Dress in citrines for a style that's bright and cheerful.
  • Blue Topaz (December): Known for their icy blue complexion, blue topaz gemstones signify contentment, harmony, love, and learning. For a look that's invigorating and dazzling, try adding blue topaz to your outfit.

Pay a visit to our Pinterest birthstone board for ideas and inspiration about how to incorporate different birthstones into your style and shop our birthstone jewelry to start making those ideas a reality!

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