Birthstone Colors for November

The November birthstone is a yellow transparent variety of quartz known as citrine. The color of citrine depends on its conditions and how much heat it was exposed to. The palest form is sometimes referred to as champagne citrine, and has very light golden overtones. The most traditional is a sunny yellow, known as lemon citrine because of its likeness to the citrus fruit. And then there is smoky citrine, which has more of a smoldering brown color.

Citrine that has had more controlled heat exposure, such as orange citrine or Madeira citrine, often features more red and ginger tones. This is more commonly found in treated gemstones, rather than natural citrine. Gold, yellow, brown, orange and red: these are the colors of the November birthstone. And they also happen to be the colors of November's fall season. The changing foliage, pumpkins, apples, and cider – how fitting citrine is for this autumn month!

So celebrate the fall season with citrine jewelry from our November birthstone collection! Gift a pair of citrine earrings or a citrine bracelet to a loved one with a November birthday. Or wear a citrine necklace and a citrine ring for thanksgiving or another harvest holiday. There are so many reasons and ways to enjoy the November gemstone color.

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