August Birthstone Color

The August birthstone color is a lively shade of green. Once called the "evening emerald" because of its vibrancy in moonlight and likeness to emeralds, peridot ranges in color from bright-yellow green, to olive, to even brown. The shade of green depends on the amount of iron in the gemstone – less iron means deeper greens!

What Color is The August Birthstone

Birthstone peridot is a light lime green. This specific hue has become the semi-official August birth color, sometimes called "pale green" or "pistachio green." If you are having an August baby, this can be a great color to paint the nursery. Some people with August birthdays like to wear this peridot color in their clothes, hair, or nail polish.

But the best way to wear this color is with a piece of peridot jewelry from our August birthstone jewelry collection. Choose a piece that features the stone in the center, such as a peridot solitaire pendant or ring, or go big with a peridot jewelry set, taking full advantage of this vibrant birthstone color for August!

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