Birthstone Jewelry: The Meaning Behind Each Gemstone

Your birthday is a special part of who you are. Birthstones are a beautiful reminder of that day and are a tradition that has existed across cultures for many years. Over time, certain gemstones have been assigned to each month, taking on different meanings and being said to embody particular protective or healing characteristics. Some believe that a birthstone's powers intensify during its assigned month, and that therefore, all twelve should be possessed in order to receive the birthstones' full effect. However, others just find it fun to wear a gemstone that represents their birthday or some other symbolic meaning.

Twelve Months of Beautiful

But folklore aside, birthstones are a big part of jewelry design. Ross-Simons offers a great assortment of birthstone jewelry in all sorts of shapes and styles. And you don't have to be born in a particular month to fancy a certain birthstone! In fact, having a variety of birthstones in your jewelry collection will add spice to your wardrobe, as each birthstone has a unique color, characteristic, and symbolic meaning. Explore our birthstone jewelry and decide what each piece means to you.

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