Akoya Pearl Jewelry

The Akoya pearl is one of the best known types of pearls. Though, they rarely form on their own in nature. A little help from humans is needed to produce enough Akoya pearls for beautiful jewelry.

In the late 1800s, Kokichi Mikimoto discovered a process for cultivating pearls in saltwater Akoya oysters. Since then, cultured Akoya pearls have become one of the most popular choices for pearl jewelry. Cultured Akoya pearls were first cultivated in the waters of Japan, but they are also now farmed in China. Each oyster only produces one pearl at a time and the process can take years. Even today, the Akoya pearl is a rare gem and greatly cherished. They are the birthstone of June and worn on many occasions. Once believed to be a symbol of purity, brides continue to wear pearls on their wedding days.

Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Akoya oysters are on the small side, so they typically produce a 2 to 11mm pearl. Known for their white to cream color, highly-reflective luster, rosy overtone and round shape, Akoya pearls are the classic choice for pearl strands. They also complement fair skin tones.

Caring for Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Extreme heat, hairspray, perfume, cosmetics, hairspray and household chemicals can damage cultured Akoya pearls. When getting ready, we recommend putting your pearls on last. After each wear, wipe with a soft cloth. You can use mild soapy water once in awhile for a deeper cleaning. Avoid jewelry cleaners as they can harm your pearls. Be sure the strings are dry before wearing again. Store pearls separately in your Sidney Thomas presentation box, so other jewelry does not scratch them.

The Sidney Thomas Collection of Pearl Jewelry

Whether you're looking for an Akoya pearl necklace, pendant, bracelet, ring or earrings, we have a variety of exquisite jewelry for you to choose from. Sidney Thomas is proud to carry Mikimoto Akoya pearl jewelry. The brand expresses the essence of sophistication, beauty and romance. Shop all of our Akoya pearl jewelry today.