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Men's Gift Guide: Jewelry & Watches

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As the modern man embraces stylish accessories, men's jewelry is now more popular than ever. All a man needs is a few key pieces of jewelry to step up his style game. If you're looking for a perfect gift for a special person, jewelry is a terrific choice. There are endless jewelry gifts to make him feel simply fantastic about himself, from fine watches to necklaces, bracelets, and cuff links.


What Are the Most Popular Jewelry Gifts for Men?

While men's jewelry is an evolving fashion, some timeless items make it to the top of the list. You'll find hundreds of jewelry options for men, but here's a breakdown of the most popular varieties to make your shopping experience a tad less confusing.


Designer Watches for Men

Luxury watches are a must-have in the wardrobe of every debonair man. Men's watches are a great place to start if you're looking to gift a classic item that complements every look. There are tons of options to choose from, including sports-themed stainless steel, timepieces with classy leather straps, and high-end Swiss watches. While stainless steel Chronograph watches have a lasting appeal, newer designs featuring pops of bold color suit men who prefer unique silhouettes.


Bracelets for Men

Decorative, functional, cause-related, and more, men's bracelets come in innumerable designs. No matter what the style preference of your man, there's a bracelet to match. Leather bracelets are a comfortable accessory that any fashion-forward man will love. A multi-strand piece pairs well with casual wear, while one with sterling silver or yellow gold accents pairs well with a suit and a pair of leather shoes. Curb link bracelets in yellow gold are classic picks that go well with almost every outfit. Layering bracelets is a dapper look, so be sure to blend styles that complement each other. Consider partnering a classic link sterling silver bracelet with another piece that has a different texture, like a leather or bead band.


Necklaces for Men

Men's necklaces are a fashionable pick, and they come in masculine patterns for a bold yet understated look. Necklaces with subtle pendants match well with casual outfits, while a chain necklace in yellow gold has an enduring quality that helps spruce up any outfit. Layering necklaces of different lengths add interest to everyday outfits like a pair of denim jeans and a T-shirt. Try mixing and matching different yet complementary metals for next-level style.


Rings for Men

Signet rings are a hip style that gives off a bold vibe. Plus, you can have them engraved to include initials or a family crest for a personalized look. Sleek men's rings are a practical choice for workplace wear, adding an understated sophistication for a more formal look. Today's grooms are open to experimenting with alternative metals like titanium or tungsten carbide for off-beat wedding bands, highlighting their unique sense of style. Women's wedding rings are often available in the same metals and styles, so it's easy to create a matching set.


Men's Cuff Links

Functional and ornamental cuff links amp up a man's style quotient. From black-tie events to formal or semi-formal occasions, they add an extra touch to a formal shirt or tuxedo. Stud or button cuff links are a popular style that can put the finishing touches on any outfit. Men's vintage cuff links are available in white and yellow gold and various shapes and designs, adding a touch of sparkle to evening attire. Those in gold or silver-plated look best for formal occasions, but outside of these, you can get creative and opt for stunning pieces that let personal style shine.


Pendants for Men

Not just for women, pendants for men come in manly styles too. Give thought to a variety of winsome cross pendant necklaces for those of faith, or opt for a monogrammed piece for a personal touch.


Shopping For Men's Jewelry: Top Things To Consider

Whether you're gifting your husband, partner, father, son, brother, or male relative, keep in mind a few important aspects for finding that perfect piece of jewelry.


Sense of Dressing

Knowing a person's unique sense of style makes gifting that much easier. If that dashing man loves everything subtle and sophisticated, classic jewelry options like a fine watch or a simple ring are the best bet. For men willing to explore uncharted territory in the world of fashion, trendier pieces like leather bracelets, statement rings, or chain necklaces are fabulous choices.


Practical pieces he can wear every day make for excellent jewelry gifts. Consider what your husband or father does for a living and if he can wear the jewelry gift to work. For example, clunky pieces may not be the best option for anyone who works with heavy machines. Elegant cuff links add finesse to the formal outfits that senior executives or managers wear to work.


Gifting is all about bringing joy to a special someone. Aligning jewelry to match the interests of the individual shows care and affection. What are his favorite hobbies? Is there a cause close to his heart? Or a sports team he's rooting for? Answers to these simple questions may help you find that splendid gift to match the individual's personality.


Men's Jewelry FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about men's jewelry. With so many fashionable choices for manly gifts, finding the right piece of jewelry is easy!


Can men wear jewelry?

Yes! Absolutely! The key is to shop for versatile pieces that complement the individual style and add more flair to everyday looks. When in doubt, opt for classic accessories with a timeless appeal. Once the guy is comfortable wearing conventional pieces, you can branch out to fancier items that make him stand out.


What are the best occasions to gift jewelry to men?

When it comes to jewelry gifting, there is really no specific time. If the man in your life has a bold personal style and loves to experiment with his looks, a jewelry gift is sure to delight him! Anniversaries, special occasions like Father's Day, a wedding, or the holidays — these are great moments for a heartfelt gift. But we say don't wait for a celebration or an event to find that stunning piece of jewelry to surprise the fabulous gent in your life.