Sidney Thomas' Collection of Diamond, Pearl and Gemstone Necklaces

At Sidney Thomas, necklaces are more than beautiful accessories; they are works of art and expressions of individual style. Our collections of designer necklaces offer something for even the most discriminating of tastes, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Throughout the years, diamonds have endured as a girl's best friend, and Sidney Thomas' collection of diamond necklaces is no exception to the rule. We have hundreds of stunning diamond necklaces to choose from, including classic diamond tennis necklaces and charming diamond pendant necklaces. We're also proud to offer a large collection of pearl necklaces, from sophisticated single-strand pearl necklaces to trendy multi-strand designs.

Gemstone necklaces are another timeless choice, treasured by women throughout the ages, from the royal courts of the medieval times to the royal families of today. Our collection of gemstone necklaces showcases a full spectrum of gorgeous stones, such as red ruby, green emerald, blue topaz, purple amethyst and yellow citrine. You'll find them strung as beads and sparkling within diamond drops and stunning pendant necklaces.

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