Sidney Thomas Gemstone Jewelry Collection

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A Colorful Gemstone Jewelry Collection

Gemstone jewelry has long been revered the world over, cherished for its vibrant coloring and unique beauty. At Sidney Thomas, we keep this tradition alive and well, with a stunning collection of gemstone jewelry.

Sapphire jewelry is one of the hallmarks of our gemstone jewelry collection. We offer a rainbow of shades that varies from deep and rich to light and vibrant. Pretty pastels are also an option, such as our pale pink sapphire jewelry and shimmering aquamarine jewelry.

Other staples of our precious gemstone jewelry collection include regal emerald jewelry and prized ruby jewelry. Amethyst jewelry—a favorite among royals and a symbol of wealth, passion and power—is another popular option.

For those who prefer more than just a pop of color, we offer a large selection of mixed gemstone jewelry, which sparkles in every color under the sun. Our beautiful gemstone jewelry is set in sterling silver as well as 18-karat gold, often accented by shimmering diamonds and glossy pearls. We invite you to browse the collection, and we're sure you'll find something to suit your unique taste and style.

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